My work is the compounding of countless experiences embedded both above and below the surface of awareness. This vast amount of information is crystalized into the objects I create and the personality they exhibit. I think of the final objects in terms of meta data.  A consideration of large amounts of information combined to create a unique new set of data that involves both the living and the mechanical.  Ambiguity is my starting point and I find concept to evolve as the work nears completion and associations develop. For me the act of making is both a struggle and a joy that I consider an accurate representation of the overall life experience.



April 2010 CCACA Student Exhibition, Davis Ca

April 2011 CCACA Student Exhibition, Davis Ca

May 2012- HSU senior show laundry award winner (ceramics award)

April April 2012 CCACA  Student Exhibition, Davis Ca

Jul 2012- Dragon Summer First Street Gallery Emerging Alumni Show

April 2016- Art Wars Pop up Gallery 

Aug 2016- Meta Data, a solo show at studio 424